Corporate Events & Cocktail Parties

Our clients are always surprised at how much we really care about making their event successful, and the most common compliment their guests give them is that it's the best catered food they've ever had. That's what you can expect too.

You want your caterer to represent your tastes, to take great care of your guests, and to be easy and professional to work with.  That's why we're the corporate caterer of choice for many large companies throughout the Boston area...They count on us to be reliable, consistent, and make them look good!

Take a look around to get a sense of our style, and if we seem like a good fit, give us a call for a friendly 10 minute consultation.  We'll then be able to quickly send a detailed menu and pricing proposal you can consider along with your other options. Look forward to hearing from you!    



Gourmet Dinner Party

Plan on about $125 per guest for a four course menu with hors d'oeuvres.  The price may vary depending on the menu itself.  

Cocktail Event

Price varies based on the hors d'oeuvres selected and the number of guests.  

Larger Events, Weddings, Corporate

William also does large-scale event catering with a professional team.  



Professional servers and bartenders: $45 per hour.



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