Our executive chef and founder, 

William began his career catering private meals and cocktail parties for clients throughout Boston, and applies the same fine dining approach to our larger and more complex events, where he leads our operation from start to finish.  

A successful event requires the teamwork of many talented people, and our staff of chefs and servers is simply the best.  Many with experience at Boston’s most-acclaimed restaurants, our staff is fun, professional, and sincerely hospitable.  

Our clients are often surprised at how much we really care about making their event great, and the most common compliment their guests give them is that it's the best catered food they've ever had.  That's what we shoot for!

We cook for people with excellent taste...who know the difference between good and great food. And still, I only consider an event a success if your guests say its the best catered food they’ve ever had.
— WF
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